People that drive us

Mahatma Gandhi Vichar Sanwardhan Sanstha is managed by a Board of Advisors comprising individuals from diverse backgrounds and expertise. Members of this board meet once every quarter.

The Board consists of a group of highly accomplished professionals from public, private and development sector who share a common passion for empowering women and children to alleviate poverty and reduce social exclusion in rural areas.

The board chaired by Mr.Viresh Ashtankar provides governance and leadership for enabling MGVSS accomplish its mission.

The board is actively engaged in governing MGVSS as a development institution in the Maharashtra State working in collaboration with other development partners.

Viresh Ashtankar


Sir Viresh Ashtankar is currently the Chairman of Mahatma Gandhi Vichar Sanwardhan Sanstha. 

Currently the Chairman of the congress party Consumer Welfare Cell in Nagpur district, having been an active member of the congress party and a political background, Sir has undertaken various projects of development and welfare for the rural parts of Nagpur District including but not limited to helping over 3000 poor and distressed children get access to free educational his educational institutions.

He is working on Women and Child Development throughout the Vidharbha Region, has served in leadership positions in various societies and NGOs and is actively working for the welfare of the Rural people and their Empowerment through introducing various projects and awareness camps.

Served as Director of various sports development and milk federations, He often represents citizen groups in several environmental cases in various leadership roles across Treasury, and Corporate finance also serves as Independent Director on Boards of other companies and nonprofit organisations.   Having leadership experience in sectors like business development, Milk federations, Sports development , Rural empowerment and development

Dr.Nilay Hande

Vice Chairman
Director of medicine,
Rsponsible for the direction of all clinical aspects of the assigned designated services. He works collaboratively with the organization leaders of the service areas involved. Is responsible for quality, safety and service of care provided and actively involved in performance improvement initiatives to improve care, treatment and services and mitigate the risk of harm for patients served. the medical director will provide input cost containment initiatives and assure the patient's interest drive performance improvement. Medica director will provide leadership for regulatory and accreditation compliance as related to the quality and safety delivered. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following: monitor quality and appropriateness of medical care, serve as medical leadership representatives at standing medical staff meetings and on designated committees, oversee clinical peer review, develop and approve policies.

Nilay holds a degree in M.B.B.S, M.S (Ortho), Is a Director at V.I.M.S – Vidarbha Institute of Medican sciences.

He is Member of various medical Associations namely IMA – Indian Medical Association, Director of Ojas multi-speciality Hospital and Research Institute Nagpur being a member of lot of Medical institutes he has a vast knowledge about all of the medical field and puts all of his efforts towards MGVSS and all its project related Activities.

Er. Gomed Ashtankar

Executive Director
Responsible for overlooking every operation that the board approves and overlooking its execution. Works close with Operation partners and other key business partners in developing and executing initiatives that address the NGO’s goals, serves as one of the key media contacts and representatives for the NGO.

Gomed holds a Degree in Computer Science Engineering, is a Entreprenuer, hobbist, futurist, visionary and a great leader. He has experience and technical expertise in strategic vision setting, designing high impact solutions to development challenges. He is credited with the vision, leading and growing high impact projects towards massive successes. A democratic, secular and empowering leader, always striving for excellence.

He heads various programs of MGVSS, design and implementation of scaled programs, he has worked on effective implementation of various policies and programs.

He has various management responsibilities. The cream of the crop, executive members of the board of directors. His executive director role is important because it ensures that the rest of the board receives an accurate representation of management and operations.

Rudrapriya Gupta

Director of Public Relations
Responsible for leading outward PR strategies and plans that promote key initiatives and promote the NGO’s image and reputation. Works close with external investors and partners, the finance department, HR departments, and other key business partners in developing and executing initiatives that address the NGO’s corporate issues, serves as one of the key media contacts and representatives for the NGO.

Rudrapriya holds a Degree in BA, is a Financial Advisor, Entreprenuer and Sangit Visharat. Priya comes with over 2 decades of experience, working in several Companies. she has extensive professional experience and technical expertise in strategic vision setting, designing high impact solutions to development challenges and ensuring accountability to all stakeholders. She is credited with the vision of gender transformative programming, leading internal and external influencing and growing high impact, cross-functional teams.A democratic and empowering leader, always striving for excellence.

She heads Girls Education Program of MGVSS. Design and implementation of scaled programs in the field of early childhood and elementary education especially in the context of most marginalized geographies and communities. She has worked on effective implementation of policies and program in the areas of early childhood education.

She contributed to the primary interest in finding solutions to those issues that affect children especially girls. She loves to explore nature through reading, and travelling also a Major Indian Music Enthusiast and promotes, co-ordinates and conducts music programs throughout the Nagpur District. Promoting music she is also a very good Singer. 

Dr.Pankaj Ashtankar

Director of Technology & IT
Overseeing the infrastructure of technical operations, managing IT employees, tracking technology in order to achieve business goals, eliminating security risks, and maintaining operations and systems

Dr.Pankaj Ashtankar is the Director of Technology of MGVSS. He holds a PhD in Electronics Engineering. He is a K.I.T.S alumnus and has over 19 years of leadership experience in Industry and Education. He has been  contributor to the National ,International conference ,Journals and symposium, having published more than 35 papers.

Dr.Pankaj is K.I.T.S’s Student activity Dean and a Professor of Electronics Engineering.

He has worked in the capacity of Director, Expert in and lead the Quality Improvement work in Engineering facilities in Nagpur. He is member of the Institute of Engineers, India, International Association of Engineers, System society of India, Antenna test and Measurement society of India, Life Member of Indian Society for Technical Education, Institute of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineers, 

He holds a M.Tech Degree, has Co-coordinated and Participated in WIPRO Mission 10X Program, Hosted National, Inernational conferences as Co-ordinator and Co-coordinator. Worked as Technical and Advisory committee member in various National and International conferences. Worked as session Chair and Co-chair at various National and International Conferences. Delivered expert lectures in workshop and Diploma College on antennas. Attended 13 STTP and workshops. Consultant for wide and ultra wide band antenna design.

He has Active Patents filed for of Circular Disc monopole Antenna Structure. An active member of the NSS he take part in and co-ordinates lot of events and programs in NSS.


Ar.Nishikant Bhiogade

Director of Infrastructure
Responsible for determining current and future enterprise infrastructure needs. Oversees the design and implementation of information systems that support the enterprise infrastructure of the organization. Being an Enterprise Infrastructure Director implements the enterprise architecture and the development and maintenance of the environment. Has deep knowledge of the managed sub-function and solid knowledge of the overall Infrastructure Design.

Holds a Degree in architecture and owns and runs his own Architecture and  Interior design Firm named Architech Bhiogade and Associates. Having under taken a lot of Government and Private Projects under his command he has always delivered with the best result in Infrastructure the clients needed.

comes with 20 years of robust experience in the areas of Architecture and interior Design matters. He has worked with various organisations. He has rich expertise in conceptualising and implementing new-age Infrastructure,efficiency and achieve higher cost-saving.

He is one of the leading architects in Nagpur and has worked on several prestigious urban design and planning projects over the past 20 years. In addition to MGVSS, He also serves on the boards of the other companies, is a writer, speaker and member of the Architects association of Nagpur.

Er.Aniruddh Kalbhande

Director of Resource Planning & Management
Assigning people to projects based on their skills, previous experience, availability, or project budget. Makes sure that MGVSS resources have enough capacity to deliver upcoming projects. Supporting project managers in ongoing resource management efforts. spots problems: employee over utilization, uneven workload, or overtime. steps in and help by reallocating resources, adjusting goals or requirements, or assigning new people to the team. Hiring new employees. Knowing the requirements of each project, The best person to hire people with project-appropriate qualifications.

Aniruddha holds a Degree in B.E in Electronics and Telecommunication. He is the Founder and Director of  Fireblaze Technologies Private Limited a ed-tech company which aims to train & upskill anyone and everyone who is keen to enter into the Data driven industries.

Aniruddha heads Resource Management  of MGVSS. Design and implementation of scaled programs.

Sharayu Kalbhande

Director of Finance
Manage all aspects of a company’s financial health and long-term growth. Establish and maintain financial strategy for earning profits and oversee the finance and accounting operations.Responsibilities Overseeing the financial operations of the company. Managing and providing ongoing training to accounting personnel. Conducting weekly and monthly financial assessments and generating reports to submit to the senior management team. Establishing budgets in compliance with the requirements of company departments. Allotting funds for capital projects and working with the Director of Facilities to ensure they stay on track financially. Developing annual financial plans and projections for the company. Conducting analysis of financial risks and benefits on business initiatives

She hold a degree in B.A MIRPM, has worked in Bank as a manager for close to two decades. She is a published writer. She believes that every single person has limitless potential and she hopes that her work at MGVSS will help India’s children realize theirs.

In her initial years, she worked on women’s empowerment where she realized how gender norms need to be tackled right from childhood itself. she anchored the Volunteer Action function and spearheaded public participation as a fundamental lever for change. moved on to execute volunteering program with the youth eventually leading the function. She has led several grant and legislative policy projects which have been successfully implemented. firmly believes in ensuring justice, equality and dignity for every child.

Vineeta Ashtankar

Director of Operations
Oversees an organization's daily business activities. They are responsible for managing its resources, developing and implementing an operational plan and ensuring that procedures are carried out properly. identifies opportunities for improvement. Reviews, analyzes, and evaluates business procedures. Implements policies and procedures that will improve day-to-day operations. Ensures work environments are adequate and safe. Oversees manufacturing, purchasing, and sales departments, ensuring each is reaching goals set by departmental and company leadership. Plans, directs, controls, implements, evaluates, monitors, and forecasts budgets and cost of sales in each division to achieve financial objectives. Communicates and explains new directives, policies, or procedures to managers; for major changes, meets with entire operations staff to explain changes, answer questions, and maintain morale. Improves customer service and satisfaction through policy and procedural changes. Leads coordination and integration of efforts among operations, engineering, technology, and customer service divisions to produce smoother workflow and more cost-effective business processes. Projects a positive image of the organization to employees, customers, industry, and community. Performs other related duties as assigned. Participates in the hiring and training of departmental managers. Organizes and oversees the work and schedules of departmental managers. Conducts performance evaluations that are timely and constructive. Handles discipline and termination of employees as needed and in accordance with company policy.

She holds a degree in B.F.D, has worked as an Entrepreneur setting up and running her own boutique designing clothes for traditional and ethnic Indian fashion. also has a keen interest in arts and crafts, she regularly takes camps for promoting creativity in children and adults. Also a massive D.I.Y Enthusiast she conducts various events and programs related to D.I.Y crafts and its applications. 

Being experienced in business development and management she is very capable of running the operations of MGVSS leading them towards a positive and acceptable result.

Abhay Kalbhande

Director of Research and Evaluation
Oversees an organization's research and development department. The research director drives team members to use the scientific method to push the boundaries of human knowledge and develop new technologies that expand the frontier of an industry.

He holds a degree in M.B.A has work experience in the construction industry and investment market. having been a trader he has vast knowledge about various subjects and functioning of the organization.

Has over 30 years of experience in banking and finance, spanning across corporate & investment banking functions, markets and treasury operations, has worked in multiple functions and held several leadership positions. he serves as the Managing Director and Head of Fireblaze Pvt.LTD  where he is responsible for business management and client coverage for key client relationships. he has earlier also worked in various leadership roles across Treasury, Corporate Banking, Debt Capital markets and Corporate finance.

He is a Member of the Supervisory Board – he also serves as Independent Director on Boards of other companies.