Approach and working model

Running a NGO in india

In a nation of the size and diversity of India, inequities are deeply rooted in centuries-old layers of gender, caste, class, ethnicity and religion. Government policy, political careers and electoral success too often become a patchwork of ‘schemes’ aimed at appeasing specific interest groups. In this context, the contribution of private philanthropy is ineffective in ensuring that the benefits of India’s increasing prosperity are equally distributed. MGVSS believes that a new model of governance – where priorities are determined by empowered communities is needed to help overcome these vast inequalities.

Today, 21st century NGOs adopt best practices in governance as a part of their strategy.We follow approach with each individual or group that we partner, including vendors and third party suppliers.

With our development partners:

  • based on long-term strategy and values
  • norms and processes designed for transparency
  • Data-driven, participation planning, monitoring and evaluation
  • Exhaustive financial and impact parameters – process and outcome

With donors, media and government across markets:

  • Comprehensive reporting to donors and the public
  • Proactive transparency
  • Feedback mechanisms
  • Values, ethics screening
  • Norm and best practice bench-marking across for-profit and non-profit sectors
  • Active participation in development of sector norms across sectors

With employees and our board:

  • Mission-centric performance planning, evaluation and reward systems
  • Conflict of interest and ethics policies
  • Democratic, participation, transparent decision-making
  • Formal and informal feedback mechanisms and forums
  • Documentation and independent audit
  • Consistent adherence to, and investments in, building mission and values led ethos and culture

With donors, media and government across markets:

  • Comprehensive reporting to donors and the public
  • Proactive transparency
  • Feedback mechanisms
  • Values, ethics screening
  • Norm and best practice bench-marking across for-profit and non-profit sectors
  • Active participation in development of sector norms across sectors

Criteria for supporting an initiative:

  • Focus on children
  • Priority to projects in areas where no other projects / facilities exist
  • Vision, commitment, approach to work of the project partner
  • Project concepts should empower the community in which they work, the parents, and ultimately make an irreversible change to the lives of children

Monitoring and evaluating of the initiative

  • Our Development Support team visits each project on a quarterly or half yearly basis.
  • Meetings with the staff, parents, children and the community with whom the project works.
  • Assessing the project’s training & information support needs as well as its achievements.
  • Submission of quarterly, half yearly and annual reports.
  • Annual evaluation, budget and plans for the next grant period are initiated by our team.

Review of project finances

  • A team of professional chartered accountants (Account Aid) assist us in financial reviews and audits of the projects.
  • Along with Account Aid, we identify projects where our funds are at risk due to poor financial management or mismanagement of funds. These high-risk projects are closely monitored.
  • Frequent financial reviews on bookkeeping and maintenance of accounts are carried out at the projects.
  • An external project audit is almost always mandatory at each project.
  • Project partners are encouraged to discuss their budgets and expenditure with their core teams and the community with whom they work, for greater social accountability and transparency.
  • Our team makes quarterly or half yearly field visits to asses progress of each project.
  • Disbursal’s to projects are made quarterly or half-yearly based on reviews done.

We are committed to our vision for a happy, healthy and creative childhood for every child. Over the course of the next 20 years, and to continue to make children and their rights a priority, we have reiterated goals that MGVSS as an organisation is committed to strive for. These include ensuring children in supported projects have access to free and quality education, primary healthcare and are safe from violence, abuse and exploitation. We will also work towards reducing the rate of child malnutrition and make sure children’s voices are recognized in issues that affect them.

The ‘RIGHT’ Way of Working

‘Charity’ alone is not a lasting solution to enable change for the children. today, who have little or no access to food or education and are exploited daily. A rights-based approach ensures that entitlements are available to all children without any discrimination. They are universal and non–negotiable. We ensure that the government fulfills their duty by providing the necessary infrastructure and services as per the needs of the people and at the best quality possible. We believe that the best interest of the child needs to be put at the center of all policy, legislation and practices affecting their lives.

we believe in child rights for three reasons – because the alternatives are unjust, illegal and ineffective.

We aim to achieve measurable impact through the following process:

Identify the problem

Any issue that causes a child rights violation like female foeticide or child labour, is a symptom of deep-rooted problems such as lack of livelihoods, caste or gender bias. We identify these violations and work with the communities to demand accountability from the government and permanent solutions and/or mitigate the impact of these deep-rooted problems on children.

Mobilise Local Communities

Through interactions, workshops and trainings with communities, we make them aware of their due entitlements from the government to bring about a better living for themselves and their children.

Create Awareness

We sensitize people on issues that affect children and cause child rights violations through various mediums of communication. We also form or participate in networks and alliances to lobby for child-friendly policies.

Get Public Support

We generate funds and resources (voice, time, skills) from individuals like you and through institutional partnerships. We encourage people from all walks of life to contribute in creating an environment in which children enjoy their basic rights.

Enable Change

Thus, works towards ensuring children live, learn, play, express themselves…bringing about lasting change in their lives.

As the most trusted organisation working for children in India, Save the Children thrives on a set of values which form a solid bedrock of the work we do. Our values are a part of our DNA and they pave the way for our work on the ground and behind the scenes – with the government and administration, with our partners, with our supporters and with our most important stakeholders, the children. 

Through Accountability, Ambition, Collaboration, Creativity and Integrity, we work to give the most marginalised children in India what they rightfully deserve – a healthy and happy childhood. 

At Save the Children, we like to own it up. We take responsibility for using our resources efficiently, achieving results and being accountable to our supporters, partners and, most of all, children.

We set high goals and then we work hard to chase them. Year-on-year, we improve the quality of our work which makes a direct impact on the lives of lakhs of children every year.

We believe in the power of working together, forming partnerships and breaking the silos. Our teamwork is impeccable and together we tap the available resources in the best possible manner and work for the good of children. 

We value the power of ideas. Innovation excites us. And we constantly come up with creative and novel solutions for the betterment of children in India. 

All our decisions and actions are based on uprightness and nothing comes at the cost of our ethics and honesty. Upholding and maintaining the highest standards of personal and professional behavior is the way ahead for us.

For MGVSS, these values are principles which are imbibed by everyone who is associated with us. These guide us and drive us to achieve a lot more for the children of India.