Mahatma Gandhi Vichar Sanwardhan Sanstha


We do a lot to improve the lives of the needy!

Mahatma gandhi Vichar Sanwardhan Sanstha

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This institution was established for the sole purpose of improving and redifining the life of the people living in the rural parts of india. The Very message of Mahatmaji. Rural india consists of about 75% of the population. all the educational facilities are situated in the cities and the people in the rural parts have no chance for their developement. I devoted my life for several rural areas and people thorugh different projects including Milk Societies, Co-operative Banking and in agricultural sectors.
As Mahatmaji had said helping the needy and unfortunate poor is the worship to god.

Viresh Ashtankar


The people that make it all happen

Founders Message

Dr.Nilay Hande

Vice President

Board of Directors

Abhay Kalhande


Shri.Shreeram Ashtankar