Few lines of wisdom by the founder

I started Mahatma Gandhi Vichar Sanwardhan Sanstha in 1985 at Ramtek.

Ramtek being a rural area i was very attached to these surroundings and had a vision to develop towns like these into communities of educated and skilled people who can build a nation. 

With the Vision of Mahatma Gandhi that was 

The path of peace and non violence can lead the people of this world towards Development and Prosperity“.

This Vision of Mahatma Gandhi inspired me to establish this institution to  implement and create Opportunities for the rural areas of our country as the rural areas are what make up the whole of a nation and if the people of these rural areas are Educated and Empowered the whole of the nation develops.

We are working on projects that aim to promote and develop rural industries making towns self sustaining also improving the rural economy of our country. 

Establishing advanced training programs for Empowering. 

Promoting high standard education that will improve the standard of living.

Empowering the rural people for better lives though all aspects enriching their standard of life and enlightening them on their rights.